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The_Meskimo & Howe – …The Stars Would Explode | In the air

Producer and composer, The_Meskimo’s latest release is a somber, laid-back, and acoustically strong song called, “…The Stars Would Explode”. He has worked with singer-songwriter, Howe on this track and has created a song that’s both relaxing and very pleasing to the ears. These two talented artists collaborated after they linked on MusoSoup, proving that musicians, even those far from each other, can benefit from the virtual world more often than not.

The track begins with a beautiful chord progression that’s played on an electric piano along with a foundational bass line that has a sort of numbing feeling to it. Howe’s vocals have a tinge of airiness, that fused with her soothing and conversational vocal tone, just sounds plain hypnotic. The_Meskimo introduces subtle synth arpeggios throughout the track that suitably fit the laid-back and chill vibe of the track. Additionally, the second half of the track features slightly ghastly harmonies that blend wonderfully with a MIDI guitar progression and some hard-hitting drums.

Perhaps you’re wondering what the title of the track means. In my opinion, the lyrics of “…The Stars Would Explode” are a bit psychedelic and focus mainly on a love/hate relationship from the point of view of the protagonist. – “Truth is a very tricky thing, for me at least when it comes to explaining when I find it hard to breathe. In your presence I’m not careless, it’s just hard for my letters to flow..”. Though the mix could have been a bit clearer, I think the intricate production of the track makes up for the slightly lacking clarity because of how interesting and engaging the song is.

The_Meskimo is known for making synth-heavy electronic music, as is heard from his previous highly praised releases, “But little did you understand you would be in my light”, from his captivating instrumental album, “Revolution and Tea Party tunes”. It seems like this is Howe’s first release, and I must say, she has done a fantastic job in this collaboration that would play well on a mellow Sunday or any long road trip. I’m eager to here what more these amazing artists have in store for their fans in the future!

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