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Shmaxwell - Everyone I love is here
Shmaxwell - Everyone I love is here
Shmaxwell - Everyone I love is here

Shmaxwell – Everyone I love is here | Emo-rap

Los Angeles based rapper Shmaxwell is back with his first EP “Everyone I love is here.” Having an eleven-minute run-time and five songs, this EP is definitely an addition to Shamaxwell’s discography. The EP also features $amishii, SADBOi MOTH and Sxndhxlp. The EP is emo-rap and has trap and bedroom pop influences.

The EP slowly works its way to displaying Shmaxwell’s real potential. The first track is called Colder. With a simple trap beat, Colder explores Shmaxwell’s verses. This track reminds me of Lil Tecca. The second track Wake Up features $amishii and has the most emo-rap feels. The melodies and instrumentals in the EP remind me of Lil Peep. This seems like a new wave in the genre of emo-rap.

The third track is called Slow Down picks up a little it from the rest of the EP. The instrumentals in this track remind me of a punchy Dababy beat with Emo-Rap. Slow Down and the fourth track Long Time No See go off on similar tangents. The production of the entire EP is pretty well done. Shmaxwell also explores different stages of being around people he loves and different types of relationships in his verses. These two tracks also remind me of the instrumentals from Kid LAROI.

I think my favourite track from this EP is the fifth one – On My Mind (Outro). With an interesting synth soul-pop intro, the instrumentals segue into Shmaxwell’s rather existential verses. The beat in this track is more stripped down compared to the rest of the EP. If there is one thing that Shmaxwell gets right – is playing to his strengths. He flows on the beat quite smoothly with catchy melodies and simple yet relatable lyrics.

Shmaxwell is a great listen for when you’re in the feels and need some sad-boi hours music. While this EP may not be his best work, they complement his discography quite well. His music really explores and breaks down the angst that we all face throughout our lives. Emo Rap makes space for different artists to explore their feelings and express them rhyme and beat. Shmaxwell takes his inspiration seriously in this EP and definitely put his best foot forward, in his first EP. We look to seeing more melodic experimentations from Shmaxwell.

If you’re looking for something to ease in a mellow night, Everyone I love is here should be your choice.

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