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Mark Versluis The Waiting Game
Mark Versluis The Waiting Game

Mark Versluis – The Waiting Game | What comes after longing

The Waiting Game is the latest single by Mark Versluis, a Netherland-based electronic producer. It is an electro-pop number with peppy, funky beats. It also features Josie Fountain on the vocals, and her breathy emotive vocals work very well with the content of the song.

The song has multiple hooks and a drop that lights up the chorus. Each verse, while staying within the guardrails of the melody, has a different set of sounds and production effects. The energetic sound Mark Versluis is able to produce allows for a lighthearted take on the game of waiting for a lover to make up their mind and make a decision. The lyrics also clarify the intent of the singer isn’t to be sad or beg this person. Instead, she knows that she has exhausted her patience. Further, the song ends with a single sound that is akin to the electric guitar. This creates a haze of energy and contentment.

Mark Versluis had an incredibly successful run with reputed labels such as Armada, Lange Recordings, Alter Ego Music, Abora recordings, and Afterglow Records. And then in 2010, he felt like it was time to retire. However, luckily for the world 2020 pushed him to find his way back to what he loves the most. He came back with a brand new studio, energized to produce again. He is even signed to labels already, and his dance-pop tracks are released independently in the meantime.

Listen to The Waiting Game by Mark Versluis featuring Josie Fountain here:

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