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Benton Luke - Walkaway
Benton Luke - Walkaway

Benton Luke – Walkaway | A Rock Reminder to stay Calm

Walkaway is the latest single from the Benton Luke Band, initiating the string of singles from their upcoming album. It is an energy-packed single heavy on the drumbeat and distorted electric strings. The beats have a slightly lower tempo which takes you the country route. The song undoubtedly rocks, the lyrical arrangement combines with the slightly lowered tempo to take you the country route.

Benton Luke is a rock band drawing a heavy influence from Southern and Americana music. The two members, Benton Luke and Scott have known each other for over two decades. Hailing from Texas and North Carolina respectively, they fatefully met each other in Southern California. They have only come together to form the Benton Luke Band only recently. And their country roots are the highlight of this unique style of Rock they have come to embody with this musical project.

The story-telling country music device keeps the listeners invested in what the singer is telling us. And the music keeps it high energy and hopeful. He takes this opportunity to remind you that even on days when everything seems to be going great, not everything falls into its place. This does not mean you have to fight it out or take out a gun. You can choose to not let things disturb you. Instead, you can simply choose to walk away.

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