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Aesta - Show & Tell
Aesta - Show & Tell

Aesta – Show & Tell | Throbbing pulse

In his latest track, ‘Show & Tell’, Aesta doesn’t skip a beat. The excitement is constant, and the production work is really thrilling. Sam Readman is also featured in the song. Throughout the song, She gives a wonderful vocal performance. It could be that the music is nearing the climax or that it is at a moment of meltdown. She delivers with a tremendous amount of passion and finesse. 

Silky guitar lines are the main driving force behind the arrangement, which is supplemented with synthetic tones at regular intervals. The transitions appear to be well-executed. The percussion kept the pace continuing by syncopating with the kick and snare combo. The arrangement also leads to a break point where the ambience is just absolutely gorgeous. The wall of sound slowly builds to the climax once more. As the song comes to a close, the guitars’ counter melody layers add the final touch to the song, giving it a sense of completion.

In a nutshell, the performance is excellent, with consistent energy levels. As previously said, the vocal performance has the essential characteristics, and when mixed effectively, it sounds just spectacular. We also got the opportunity to talk about the song with Aesta, who shared details about his experience working with Sam Readman, as well as details about his production session and his musical influences and forthcoming releases. The entire interview can be read here.

I’m extremely interested in learning more about your collaboration with Sam Readman. How did it go when you were taping her?

  • It was great, Sam is so talented, she brought loads of ideas to the studio and we had a great time writing and recording the vocal. She going to become a real talent that people will be talking about for years. 

What was the songwriting process like for this song?

  • Myself and Sam went into a studio in Leeds and just wrote for a couple of hours. I think I brought the initial idea, but we both bounced off each other when it came to each individual lyric.

The sound of the production is amazing. How did you go about it? What was the most enjoyable aspect of working on the layers and creating them?

  • I think I really enjoyed harmonising the electric guitars, they sounded great. The ascending then defending melody line was great to write and I think it really adds to the emotion of the track.

Who inspires you? What styles of music have influenced you?

  • I’m inspired by so many artists.. I love the lyrics of JP Saxe, and the melodic production of someone like Ben Bohmer. Put them together with the vocal power of someone like Adele and I think you have my perfect mix!

So, what’s next? What are you hoping to explore in your upcoming songs?

  • The next track is finished, that’ll be out in January 2022 called “You Before Me”. I’m also working on a track to come out in March 2022 with a great singer called Laura Broad. I have just opened my own studio called “Rhym Studios” where I am working on different project for singers. I have about 4-5 tracks I’v worked on with them, all due out in the first 3 months of 2022. Hopefully 2022 will be a big year for me as an artist and as a studio owner.

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