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Aaron Wiggins - I Need You Now
Aaron Wiggins - I Need You Now

Aaron Wiggins – I Need You Now | Sensual & Soulful

I Need You Now is the latest track from Aaron Wiggins. It is an RnB song with contemporary Hip-Hop influences. A sensual song, it explores the theme of desire, and refreshingly enough from a non-sexualizing male perspective. Personally, it is one of the most refined songs I have heard in a while.

The track has a head-bobbing trap beat and Aaron’s songwriting talent is on full display. Also shout out to cowriter K. Symone who helped hone this fo the track, and Ben Thompson who mastered the production. The song opens with whispering vocalizations, and as the first verse starts it becomes a funky soulful RnB track. Furthermore, Aaron has smooth vocals that drip sensuality. Additionally, I did not miss the guitar strums either which add to this sensual appeal. Each verse is lyrically fresh, and the chorus is utilized fully to showcase the singer’s vocal style. Finally, the song ends in a trippy trance with the hook on a loop after the soft bridge.

Aaron Wiggins is no noob – with over ten years of experience and a lifelong passion for music, he is brilliant and I’m not surprised. Hailing from Virginia Beach, he is a singer, songwriter, producer, vocal arrangement expert, and mixing engineer. His discography includes collaborations with insanely reputed artists. Besides, his inspirations range from H.E.R., to Beyonce, to Chris Brown, to Pharrell Williams – all of my favorites!

Listen to I Need You Now by Aaron Wiggins:

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