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Bota Butterfly – Somebody Else | Ethereal Love

London-based singer-songwriter and recording artist, Bota Butterfly’s latest release is a dream-pop, breakup song titled, “Somebody Else”. Influenced by the likes of Grimes, Bjork, and Halsey, her music emits a magical, ethereal feel that seems to be floating in space and elicits a sense of otherworldliness. Bota, a professionally trained piano player with a background in classical music, was quite active in the industry before. Her recent transition into modern R&B and dreamy music captures her captivating alter-ego in a deeply passionate way.

Bota’s angelic vocals kick off the 3:33 minute-long track along with a reverse piano and a few wide synths. With the addition of some percussive elements and an increase in energy throughout the frequency spectrum, the track gradually becomes more open and expands into a beautiful atmospheric chorus. As the title suggests, she sings about how she cannot stand to see her significant other with somebody else. Her heartfelt lyrics compliment her emotive vocal delivery in a way that the listener can easily identify with. She kinda sounds like Ariana Grande in some phrases, but maybe that’s just me. – “Someone said that you were a player, stole my heart just to save it for later, and you don’t know how to make it right, maybe it wasn’t our time?”

The instruments grow louder and bigger as the song progresses; very energetic, especially the panned snares and the huge synths in the choruses. It seems Bota just wants to get back to her place of comfort even though she knows that letting go is the right thing to do. – “I can’t make up my mind / No, I don’t wanna see somebody else / Cause I know I should leave you but I can’t let it go” 

Bota’s breathtaking performance on “Somebody Else” reveals the colorful, dreamy world the artist has created and gives the listeners a glimpse of what more is to come in her coming releases. Under this alter-ego, she has released two singles so far. Her debut, “On Your Mind”, has a similar sound featuring airy vocals and magical atmospheres; almost sounds like a prequel to “Somebody Else”! 

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