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Anthony Byrne - Chasing
Anthony Byrne - Chasing

Anthony Byrne – Chasing | Blissful

Anthony Byrne is a singer-songwriter and producer based in Limerick. With a degree in Music Technology and Production from Limerick Institute of Technology, Byrne looks to put his skills to use in his music career. Having been influenced by the likes of Sinead O’Connor, Leonard Cohen, and Depforth Goth, Anthony Byrne creates a brilliant soundscape that fuses electronica and pop.

Chasing is a track that does just that. The lyrics remind me of Lordes latest music. However, Anthony Byrne has made an interesting track that depends on the vocal melody. This reminds me of artists like Deadmau5, who created brilliant beats and played around with vocals. The beats are truly great with foley adding to the percussion. I really enjoy the electronic elements. They add a certain depth to the track that leaves you wanting a little more. Chasing sounds like the kind of track I would play in the background to keep me focused, whilst also boosting my spirits.

I think that Anthony Byrne has a bright future ahead of him. It would be refreshing to hear some good old Electronica Pop in the charts again. If you really want some happy music to brighten your day, Chasing is the track for you.

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