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Leo Szn
Leo Szn

Zepturo – Leo Szn | Cheery

Singer-songwriter and producer Zepturo has released a bop-worthy pop tune that incorporates elements of disco with a modern touch. He comes from the planet Zepturon, and is poised to pump out an entirely new wave of pop music that people can relate to. He hopes that listening to “Leo Szn” will provide his listeners with an introspective and personal experience.

The song begins with a melodic synth riff and a four-on-the-floor drum beat that sounds somewhat Avicii-inspired. Multiple synths create an interesting stereo space and suits the ‘otherworldy’ vibe Zepturo was going for. Uplifting lyrics sung in a rather conversational manner fit the feel-good mood of the track. The chorus is catchy and carries a nice melody, making it a suitable song for a club – “It’s Leo Szn!”.

Another noteworthy aspect of the track is its dynamic bridge section joining the final chorus with a nice, upbeat energy. With effective vocal layering and mostly electronics filling the soundstage, “Leo Szn” has a sound that’s both retro and modern. Although the mix could have benefited from some tweaking, I think Zepturo has done a great job in structuring the song in a way that keeps it active and engaging.

“Leo Szn” has a similar sound to one of his previous releases, “Disappear With You”. Zepturo seems to love playing around with synths as a major part of his sound comprises of lush and constantly moving electronics. A combination of neo-pop and EDM is what makes his music unique and allows it to be appreciated by listeners regardless of taste.

I had to pleasure to speak to Zepturo about his single and his journey so far, here’s what he had to share.


Q1- What could you tell us about the planet Zepturon? How is music created there?

– WHOA. Ok, I guess it’s origin story time! Years ago when I was taking a psychology class, for a project we had to design a gameboard. My game was called “Race to Zepturon” and it was essentially about traveling through the cosmos and stopping at different fictional planets, with the end goal of getting to Zepturon as it had the best climate, had a really peaceful civilization, and was simply the PLACE to be. I’m not sure what happened to the gameboard itself since then lol, but literally ever since, the fictional Zepturon has held a spot in my mind whenever I think of a great place to be– especially when things are going south on Earth I’ve always thought “Dang, if only I could go to Zepturon!”  

So when creating music and navigating through life, even though there’s no such thing as perfection, the journey of getting there and giving 100% can be more than enough to make it seem like we can all make it to our own “Zepturon”. I feel like that’s why when writing songs I tend to keep them moving in a positive direction, despite some of them maybe stemming from a more painful place- it’s about picking up the pieces and looking forward. As for my artist name, when you take out the last letter it kinda sounds like a person lol, hence “Zepturo”. 

Q2- You are a very versatile multi-instrumentalist and a singer! What inspired you to learn these instruments and which one helps you the most in creating music?

– Thank you so much! Definitely the biggest instrumental inspiration with Leo Szn are keyboards/synthesizers, as they can have literally an infinite amount of sounds and are so versatile with soundscaping. Growing up I absolutely LOVED playing Dance Dance Revolution and hearing all of the dance tracks and synths that were in that game. So it’s totally safe to say that the eurodance craze of the Y2K years definitely impacted how I approached producing “Leo Szn” because the energy in those songs was always so electric, and I really wanted to echo that sound with a 2020’s flair. 

Q3 What was the inspiration behind the unique and catchy vocals in “Leo Szn”?

– Oooo I know I wanted the chorus in particular to be straight-forward, poignant, and as simple as possible so it can be easy to chant along to. With “Leo Szn” being a dance song as well, that only makes it more important because then the listener’s able to focus more on dancing and internalizing the lyrics instead of remembering lyrics! “Like a lion! Like a king! Be the sunlight! Be your dream!” I’ve always appreciated call and responses in choruses, and the simplicity in those lyrics gave the perfect amount of space to add some extra echoes in. I really hope that anyone listening is able to truly unleash their inner sunlight and shine!

Q4- Which artists have heavily influenced and shaped your art? 

– Most recently, artists like Rina Sawayama, Lady Gaga, Lizzo, and Kacey Musgraves I’d say have had the biggest influence on my songwriting. All of those artists have such tight songwriting skills with their themes, melodies, hooks, and more. Their lyrics tend to have a liberating and freeing feel to them as well, which totally seeped into how I tackled writing “Leo Szn”. Sufjan Stevens’ music also totally has a place in my heart by how intimate, expressive, and melodically sound his songs are. Some current electronic artists like Home, The Midnight, and Magdalena Bay provide a wealth of inspiration as well, especially on the production side of things!

Q5- If you had the chance to collaborate with any artist you’d like on a remix of “Leo Szn”, who would you like it to be?

– WOW. Now THIS is a hefty question! There’s literally dozens of artists that I would be absolutely enamored to collaborate with, but I think the artist that takes the cake for the “Leo Szn” remix would be Harry Styles. Hearing Harry sing the chorus of “Leo Szn” would probably make me melt, and he would without a doubt write a fantastic verse of his own to go on the track. I also feel like our voices could blend really nicely especially with some tight harmonies thrown in there as well! So Harry, if by any chance you come across this, my dms are open LOL 

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