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Prymary Colours - The Movement
Prymary Colours - The Movement

Prymary Colours – The Movement | Dance Revolution

Prymary Colours just released their first single of 2021 called The Movement. The DJ and singer duo are back with a bang with this upbeat, discotheque track. The Movement is about revolution and the movement is about being whoever you want to be.

The Movement is an atmosphere in itself. The track features an eccentric pop beat that is complimented by a folk-type instrumentals. The vocals are a strong, kick into the actual vibe of the track. The energy that Prymary Colours bring is insane each time. The song is the perfect dance pop-house mix. Having played at the House Of Yes club in New York, and the Olympia in Dublin, along with a host of festivals such as Electric Picnic, Body & Soul, Life and Forbidden Fruit, Love Sensation and All Together Now, Prymary Colours have been lighting up stages and really making their marks. The Movement is just the musical part of the full experience PrYmary Colours gives you. The full live show experience has the duo rock out on festival stages, with dancers, hula hoopers, costumes, confetti, bubbles, visuals, cold sparkles, lights and more. 

If there’s one thing that Prymary Colours is doing right, it is reinventing the idea of the Dance-Dance-Revolution. The Movement is a call to revolution and unity using the power of dance and movement.

So like the song says, :

“Revolution baby, be what you want to be
Come in solidarity, we’ll do this together safely.

We got our people, you’ll bring our people get ready.

Come join the movement, movement, movement.”

What are you waiting for?

Go Stream The Movement by Prymary Colours and join the beat!

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