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KinetiX – Red Line | Energy

Could you imagine modern-day sea shanties performed by an electronic music DJ at Tomorrowland? Well, I couldn’t, until I heard KinetiX’s latest fusion track “Red Line”. The trio band (with a really cool name, I must say) consists of three brothers – Theodore, Arthur, and Ademar Stones from County Offaly, Ireland. The Irish group started off making traditional music throughout the country before moving on to produce pop and electronic music in their own style, combining trap, electro-pop, and folk music. “Red Line” features an eclectic mix of heavy synthesizers, folk-reminiscent melodies, and groovy beats.

The track begins with some slightly bizarre vocal chops before the vocals kick in. Subtle synths and some wide percussion form the initial soundstage of “Red Line”. It’s astonishing how the track is completely unpredictable – with the most unexpected, synth-heavy drop, KinetiX changes the mood of the track immediately. The sea shanty vibe comes from the lyrics and the melody, at least that’s how I’ve interpreted it. The main theme seems to be “crossing red lines”, as if doing something out of the ordinary or something that’s deemed to be wrong by society.

With references to a lot of drugs (ketamine, green, coke), KinetiX appears to be having a lot of fun with the lyrics – “I’m fixing me, I’m fixing you / You can take these pills red, white and blue / They go down, down, down with a pack of beer, and your eyes go dark and you cannot hear..”. The playful yet powerful vocal delivery on “Red Line” aids the catchy melody and might even remind you of traditional Irish songs. It’s amazing how different distinct elements somehow fuse together and complement each other to create the unique vibe the track has.

KinetiX has been releasing music since 2019 and most of their songs are amalgamations of trap beats and melodic synthesizers. Compared to other tracks from their discography like “Remember Days” and “Lullaby,” which have more emotional lyrics, “Red Line” stands out as something entirely different in that it has a lot going on and can have the listener kept on the edge of their seats!

Also do check out the cover art, it’s kinda crazy!

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