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Dyna Edyne - Likkle Brown Girl
Dyna Edyne - Likkle Brown Girl

Dyna Edyne – Likkle Brown Girl | Big dreams in brown eyes

Likkle Brown Girl by Dyna Edyne is a song about the dreams, hopes, and the journey of young brown girls. The hip-hop song with Afrobeat influences explores how the dreams of little girls from colored families get crushed because of the way society works. You can tell that this is personal to Dyna Edyne. It is certain that the little brown girl in her had to struggle and fight to come so far.

Opening with echoing beats, you get the idea that this is one song with a strong spine. The West African influence on her sound is a result of her Haitian heritage. This is also why she chooses to spell little as ‘likkle,’ since it is much closer to how she pronounced it in her family. She has a unique sound that is a result of influences from varying genres, namely RnB, Soul, and more.

Most importantly, I think Dyna Edyne uses her song Likkle Brown Girl to talk about her own journey. Lyrically, she delves into the pitfalls she avoided. She works hard, focusing on her grind all the time. And she talks to her younger self, because the dreams in the little brown girl’s eyes will indeed come true. In this way, she is able to give a much more meaningful take on hip-hop’s hustle culture. Her take isn’t about the bling or the showoff. Instead, it is all about how she has come to grow, and achieve everything that she dreamed of since she was a child.

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