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Drops of Indigo - Foreigner
Drops of Indigo - Foreigner

Drops of Indigo – Foreigner | Visiting the Valleys

‘Foreigner,’ Indigo’s new song, is breathtakingly lovely. It takes you on a journey across the past’s hills. The foot stomping groove is surrounded by a nice wind and a sense of serenity. What a gorgeous visual!

The harmonies are refreshingly powerful, and the soft country guitar slides give you real goosebumps. The vocal performance is performed with such ease and confidence that you can almost feel the warmth and sunlight of the old. The strings are enticing and addictive. A fantastic travel guide that will pique our interest as we prepare to embark on a holiday. The songwriting is really clear, and my favourite portion is when it transitions into the bridge. The song’s highest point. The groove is really well-organised. I was really enthralled by the soundscape’s serenity.

Drops of Indigo is a Swedish band featuring musicians from Norway, Syria, and Spain among its ranks. In the year 2020, the band began performing together. Drops of Indigo have been a duet since the beginning of 2018, when the first track was published. Their music and lyrics represent the members’ true life experiences, knowledge, goals, and dreams. The songs have a variety of components, but their primary genres are folk/singer-songwriter/indie rock, with a concentration on primarily acoustic sounds and genuine instruments.

I really liked how honest and genuine the song sounded. It was so immaculate that it will undoubtedly become my ideal travel companion. Listening to ‘Foreigner’ is such a pleasant experience. Made with affection!

Listen to ‘Foreigner’ by ‘Drops of Indigo’ on Spotify and have a wonderful time!

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