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BAYWUD - Last Call
BAYWUD - Last Call

BAYWUD – Last Call | Upliftment

BAYWUD is back with yet another track to lend support. The California-based indie musician has collaborated with Dvniel to create a track that helps deal with the Big Sad. Touching on themes of feeling lost, regret, and seeking forgiveness, Last Call is a song about trying to get back to being a good person again. BAYWUD, as usual, does such a brilliant job to uplift the mood of his listeners.

The track starts with lonely vocals and chords played on a piano – BAYWUD’s preferred instrument. The beats come in to give some solidarity to the two, filling up spaces. The depth that the bass adds fills in the gap to give the song some punchiness. I, especially, love the chorus – This is my last call up to heaven / Can you hear me? / Are you listening? / I just need a little forgiveness from the darkness / Are you listening? I don’t see how anyone can listen to that chorus without feeling some sense of humility. Dvniel’s vocals truly do Last Call justice. Additionally, the whole track is so well-produced that it deserves more recognition.

If you need a little bit of encouragement to go out and be a better person, I will always recommend BAYWUD. Last Call is the track that has me hooked! So what are you even waiting for?

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