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MACY - I’m Good
MACY - I’m Good

MACY – I’m Good | Triumphant

MACY is pretty solid with her new single ‘I’m Good.’ MACY has created a powerful, stomping record. The song’s Nu Disco sound is fun and upbeat. This song is unquestionably a steamy dance move. From a production standpoint, the way she combined the Nu Disco elements with the Funk Pop is something to look out for in the record. The feeling is extremely upbeat, and the rapidly increasing power is steadily effective to the track.

MACY’s songwriting and vocal performance are both extremely good. Her singing delivery and utterances keep you enthralled throughout. You’ll be entertained by her precision in phrases as you cavort to the song. That is applaudable of her. She never seemed to lose her energy. It’s perfect. As the song progresses, the guitar solo adds to the excitement. I especially liked how the vocals were used creatively in the chorus section. It gives the audience the chance to react to the calls. It wouldn’t surprise me if the listeners shrieked as the song reached the chorus.

Overall, a thriving enthusiastic track that will undoubtedly appeal to listeners. Furthermore, the extremely positive groove pattern is something that many of us may use to power oneself on a difficult day. One thing that will stand out from the performance is her fearlessness in expressing her emotions via words. She seemed so strong and bold that her free-spirited demeanour in her act may influence her followers in a favourable way.

‘I’m Good’ by ‘MACY’ is now live on Spotify!

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