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Elektric Animals-Cheers
Elektric Animals-Cheers
Elektric Animals-Cheers

Elektric Animals-Cheers | Party!

With a vision that would make a telescope shy, Elektric Animals have a terrific personality judging by their Spotify bios and superior alter egos. Animals are better than humans, I think there’s no arguing about this after 2021. Cheers is their latest party swinging hit, with a catchy riff as mesmerizing as a Southern drawl that gets all the ladies. Break out the bottles, its time to cheer.

With a lead riff that sounds an awful lot like the verse harmonics in Mary Jane’s Last Dance by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Elektric Animals are off. Their party song is half Post Malone, quarter Bring Me the Horizon and the rest as their product. It dances, it grooves and plays around on your eardrums and most importantly your psyche. Crafty and a hook that reminds us that let loose when the party is on.

It is quite a shift from the Tame Impala style Woe is Me, earlier from this year. It relies on the volume of the drums and the grit of the guitar to tease the chorus. The Genesis drum echo is fun to hear, making it large and resounding within the headspace. Elektric Animals don’t shy away from shifting genres and trying new things. There is quite a jump from their 2018 track-Cool Calm Collected and they’re just getting the car warmed up.

Till then, top up the barrel and get ready to chug. Cheers till next time:

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