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Rival Karma - Jesus Is From Chico
Rival Karma - Jesus Is From Chico

Rival Karma – Jesus Is From Chico | Rock for Jesus

Right from the opening, Rival Karma’s Jesus Is From Chico is upbeat and wild. It’s multi-instrumental nature is bright, hopeful, and very much Rock. Something I didn’t expect but was completely blown away by was the insanely power-packed drum solo. And who agrees with me that we never get enough of them? #BringBackDrumSolos Anyb

Rival Karma is a London based Ninja Rock duo with international accolades. Their music has come to be known for the gritty guitar solos, an undying love for instrumentals, and the wistful vocals which both band mates contribute to. Furthermore, their music is very emotionally charged. If you pay attention to the lyrics you realize that is exactly the case, and the intruments really work to supplement the same. For instance, their songs Honey, and Wasting Time are perfect examples.

What is perhaps the coolest part of this song is the story behind it. Don’t take the name for face value: the song is written after a really interesting incident. One night the band was performing in the town of Chico. And when they didn’t have a place to stay for the night, a gentleman by the name of Jesus offered to let them stay in his house. So yes, Jesus is from Chico. And this is the second single from the band’s soon to be released EP. So there is a lot to look forward to!

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