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My Friends The Chimpanzee - Time Traveller
My Friends The Chimpanzee - Time Traveller

My Friends The Chimpanzee – Time Traveller | Psychedelia

My Friends The Chimpanzee’s debut single, ‘Time Traveller,’ is edgy and heavy on synthesis. The innovative use of vocal processing is interesting, and because the songwriting is narrative, the structure is novel and experimental. It’s inspiring to witness willingness to explore in the middle of popular sound patterns. Trip Hop percussion textures are used well, and they are beautifully complimented with arpeggiated synthetic tones.

There is a lot of work being done on the progression, which sounds fantastic in its entirety.The colour of the track stood out so clearly in relation to the words. The album has a broad variety of ear-pleasing components that may cause you to groove and vibe along. I would appreciate the tones. They were creatively put in the composition. The pauses and silences ensured that the monotony was broken and the tapping continued.

Essentially, this is a well-produced music with a lot of originality. I think the songwriting might have been a little more engaging, but with a few more listens, I might be able to grasp and develop with the framework. The song asks listeners to be patient and allow the tune to transport them into a psychedelic state.

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