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Maddie Park – pink moon | De-stress

Korean American singer-songwriter from California’s South Bay Area, Maddie Park, grew up singing and performing in choirs and musical theatre events from a very young age. Her passion for music grew over the years and this led to her development as a musician and artist. Her latest single, “pink moon” is an emotional R&B track that has a sound that seems to be inspired by the likes of SZA and Jhené Aiko. “pink moon” is the follow up to her debut release “backseat” that was well received by listeners and has a similar vibe.

The track features mainly contemporary R&B beats and soft vocals. Park’s voice seems to be very flexible; she transitions between vocal registers flawlessly, and her vocal tone is both mellow and playful on “pink moon”. Throughout the song, it seems that she is singing about her progressing self-confidence that occurred after a certain transformational period in her life – “A transformation occurred in one night, that’s eight hours of my life, you were never really mine”.

In R&B songs with a similar mood, few instruments feature, so the vocals are emphasized more. On “pink moon”, with only a bassline and minimal electric guitar, there’s a subtle yet prominent harmonic structure that is present. Park’s vocals fit right in with the instrumentation and are highlighted well in the mix. I really enjoyed listening to the outro of the track where Park mentions – “honestly, fuck it, this is what me feels like, celestial body mine”, in a very Ariana Grande-like tone.

Maddie Park is at the beginning of her career and her songs have already gained traction in the independent music industry. I think she will do amazingly well if she continues putting out vibey R&B tracks that are a pleasure to listen to. Her unique voice and songwriting style are what make her music remarkable, eager to hear what’s coming next!

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