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Blessing Gomero – Sunshine | Relax

Have you been searching for a song to help you relax and unwind? Something to forget about the worries of the day? Look no further than the music of Blessing Gomero! Her single “Sunshine”, from her upcoming album, was released on July 16th, 2021. On this track, the singer-songwriter based in Virginia, USA, takes the listener on an empowering journey, accompanied by soothing melodies and chill beats.

The 2:36 minute-long track starts with a groovy guitar riff over a basic drum beat, that’s kind of rusty. Right from the start, the highlight of the song is surely Blessing’s melodious vocals. She sings with a powerful tone and her voice is very versatile; hitting notes high and low with ease and everything in between as well. I feel that the harmonies that are layered add a richness to her voice that’s second to none.

The song has this unique ability to make you smile and remember what it’s like to be at the beach on a bright, sunny day. With instruments to complement her flawless vocals, “Sunshine” is a track that is mixed very cleanly, produced masterfully, and doesn’t really lack anything according to me. Blessing feels that going outside and dancing away your problems in the sun is healing, and I totally agree! Her voice is very soothing, and honestly, very convincing! – “Step into the sunlight we still have a chance to shine, step into the sunlight forget about the other night, step into the sunlight together we can shine so bright”

Since early 2020, Blessing Gomero has been releasing music regularly, and as is evident from her music, she crafts songs that are emotional and feature powerful and flawless vocals. She’s already put out a new single after “Sunshine”, titled ” Letting You Go”, and I’m sure she has a lot more music in store for her fans, and soon!

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