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Lea G – CRAZY | Carefree

Austria-born, London-based singer-songwriter, Lea G has been writing music and performing since the age of 16. Her love for music came after she discovered a passion for co-writing while spending a year in England as an exchange student, and her experience as an all-round musician is evident in her latest release, “CRAZY” – a pop single that will make you forget your worries, help you relax, and might even get you on your feet!

“CRAZY” begins with a melancholic chord progression played on loop on an electric guitar. It’s kind of hard to describe the sound of Lea’s voice, but it sounds quite youthful and innocent here. The track is quite dynamic in that it has low-energy acoustic verses and percussion-heavy build-ups and choruses. She sings in a very carefree manner; laid-back and merrily, about how she just somehow wants to escape mundane days and do something out of the ordinary – “Let’s leave this for a while, you know you want it too”.

Inspired by the likes of Ed Sheeran and Florence and The Machine, there are certain songwriting nuances of the song that might remind you of their style. Lea writes catchy and relatable lyrics that are easy to grasp and listen to; the most important aspect of a pop song like this. I believe that if you leave the listener with a hook line stuck in their head for the rest of the day, then you have done a good job. Lea has done exactly that on “CRAZY”. – “I just wanna be with you, boy you make me feel brand new, I wanna be crazy, I wanna be crazy with you”.

The production and mixing of the track are commendable, with not too many instruments cluttering up the mix. Additionally. the song features a groovy bridge section that has a different flavor but fits well in the song’s arrangement. At its core, “CRAZY” is a love song that boasts powerful beats in an eccentric pop structure and infectious lyrics. With multiple well-received releases since 2019 such as “MISSING OUT” and “MIDYOUTH CRISIS”, Lea has been making a name for herself in the London indie-pop scene for a while now and I’m confident her songs will inspire a lot of listeners!

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