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Crux-Death at the Cash Machine
Crux-Death at the Cash Machine
Crux-Death at the Cash Machine

Crux-Death at the Cash Machine | JUMP!

There are some young groups that are so in love with music, it takes exactly 5 seconds of their song that they’re going to make it. Crux is at the crux of a sonic breakthrough, with music that inspires them and us-and brings back hope where the mainstream music industry is selling out like hotcakes. Death at the Cash Machine is the death of the mainstram-and theyve done it right.

Lets take for example, Living in Dystopia. Opening track, lot of hopes pinned on this for the group. Standard beat blasts through the silence, curated vocals cascade through your ears-and a heavy riff to offer Tom Morello at his sacrificial pit. You don’t really need to hear anything more, even a one hit wonder is good enough for me if this is the hit.

The alt rock and grunge dependence are heard clearly in Incel & Bigg Market, showing the groups love and anchoring to the 90’s scene of music. Their songs vibrate even when static, its the mark of a band that’s thirsty for more. They’re bubbling with ideas, or they wouldn’t have made Radgie Gadgie, a skateboarder amongst runners. Not the journey, but how you’re traveling in it.

Post-punk and punk vibes from Slaving Away and you know they’ve covered most bases of good music(sorry but not sorry BTS Army). By the way, KISS did that first, you can’t take army away from them. Ah, pandering. Something I must do to describe the explosive power of their closing track, Agent Orange (+erased). A longform conversation that enjoys the purpose and power of music. It is a pure rock number, with a story so Rush fans will be happy. It has a heavy link to QOTSA, but dabbles in the prog-rock universe that Genesis opened years ago. Overall a superb album from a band that will not quit rocking your socks off.

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