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Blue Violet – White Beaches | Save Earth

Have you ever wondered about how nature and the gifts of mother earth won’t last with us forever? With so much happening in the world on a daily basis – deforestation, rising sea levels, excessive pollution, and multiple other climate-changing activities, we are bound to exhaust our resources soon enough, and soon we shall regret our mistakes.

The anglo-Scottish duo, Blue Violet, touch on this subject on their latest Greta Thunberg-inspired, melancholic, dreamy pop release titled, “White Beaches”. Produced by the band’s regular producer Rob Ellis (Anna Calvi, Marianne Faithful, PJ Harvey), the song features heartfelt lyrics, an optimistic electric guitar melody, and acoustic drums, all fused together to form an emotional sound that will capture your attention right from the start.

“White Beaches” as the title suggests, is about….well, white beaches. Vocalist Sarah sings lyrics inspired by Greta Thunberg’s School Strike For Climate movement that urges adults to take responsibility and prevent climate change. With a soft tone and a lot of passion in her singing, Sarah tries to get her point across with repetitive and emotive lyrics. The line that sticks most after a few listens has to be the chorus – “These white beaches are for everyone, not just a bright view sitting at the front of the train”.

The instrumentation on this track is quite full; comprising of vocal chops, dual harmonies, a hopeful chord progression, and a majestic guitar lead. Additionally, “White Beaches” also features a bridge section with a moving melody. Sarah’s voice is so tuned into the vibe of the track that it sounds like the instruments hug her voice in a way that can’t be put into words. The sincere and heartwarming vibe of “White Beaches” should definitely prompt people to reflect on past mistakes and realize that it is not too late to fix things for ourselves and future generations!

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