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Matthew Liam Nicholson Dusty Bones
Matthew Liam Nicholson Dusty Bones

Matthew Liam Nicholson – Dusty Bones | Created with Compassion

Dusty Bones by Matthew Liam Nicholson is a joy to listen to. I’m really astounded to be experiencing this one-of-a-kind bliss. As I grooved along with the rhythms, it made me feel emotional and contemplative. A wonderful blend of songwriting, composition, and arrangements.

Matthew Liam Nicholson is an Australian recording artist, songwriter, composer, and band leader from Geelong. He presently resides in the Northern California highlands.

The harmony is in perfect sync with the primary voices. The prelude, in particular, is really cleverly worked out. The construction is flawless. The atmosphere was simply wonderful. I believe that this track is highly recommended for singer-songwriters as an ideal reference on how to go about building the song effectively and maintaining all of the key components intact till the final draught. The violin fills are really heartwarming. This work by Matthew Liam Nicholson has my undivided attention. I’m looking forward to hearing his upcoming compositions. The country guitar slides add so much emotion to the song, and when the violin solo comes, I am in wonder. It was absolutely lovely. Dusty Bones is produced with a lot of soul.

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