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Maggie Glassman – basic | Take A Stand

Maggie Glassman is a singer-songwriter and actress based in New York City. Having studied Vocal Performance and Musical Theatre, she’s been an active musician and singer since 2006. Her debut single, released on October 8th, titled, “basic” is a laid-back r&b track that begins with the line, “So what if want Rosé all day?. The track features groovy beats, sultry vocals and acoustic instruments. Since 2013, Maggie has been posting song covers on YouTube and her music is inspired by artists including Justin Bieber, Amy Winehouse and Allen Stone.

“basic” begins with a string arrangement and percussive snaps over which Maggie’s powerful vocals are heard right from the start. In the chorus, a powerful beat kicks in, comprising of a soft yet deep kick, and a bunch of syncopated hi-hats that form the groove of the track. Maggie sings with a strong vocal tone about how she is trying to do whatever she wants and doesn’t really care about what everyone thinks – “I’ll just keep singing my song, and you can call me basic”. The track also features a bunch of vocal chops and short phrases, making the song sound more full. There were times when I felt that the vocals had been over-compressed and didn’t shine as much as possible, but Maggie’s voice is unparalleled is most highlighted on “basic.”

I think this track could be uplifting and hopeful for those who have been bullied. In her lyrics, She brings up how she isn’t worried about enjoying herself in front of anyone and that no matter what names people call her, they won’t influence her thoughts – “I’m not afraid to have a little fun \ You can call me basic, you can call me cringey, you can call me whatever you want it won’t affect me..’. Maggie also mentions how overcoming the pains she’s felt in the past has made her stronger and ready for anything that could remotely affect her.

With lush strings, a trebly bass, a soothing piano and sparkly harmonies, ‘basic’ features a lot engaging sections throughout it’s 3:46 minute length that has to ability to appeal to a lot of listeners. This is the first single release by Maggie Glassman, and her songwriting career has only just started this year. Listen to more by Maggie Glassman on YouTube and Spotify!

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