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Jane N' The Jungle - Ain't No Other Way
Jane N' The Jungle - Ain't No Other Way

Jane N’ The Jungle – Ain’t No Other Way | Pick-me-Up

Jane N’ The Jungle, a Phoenix, Arizona-based rock band, has released their brand-new single, “Ain’t No Other Way,” a rousing, dominant sonic blast. Jordan White, a fierce femme firecracker vocalist/songwriter, guitarist Brian Dellis, and bassist Big B make up the band. The band draws inspiration from Pat Benatar, Soundgarden, and P!NK, and blends dynamic current rock with 90s alt and a punk attitude.

The screaming guitar hits right away, setting the tone for the rest of the song. Jordan’s narrative is clearly evident as she enters with her unrestrained vocal lines. Her writing is highly relevant to today’s circumstances; she focuses on the ups and downs of life, eventually leading to a point where we either choose between fighting and fleeing. I especially liked the line where she sings, “Thought I had to lose you, lose you.” It’s worth noting how the vocal melody is composed.

The vocal melody, as well as guitars, bass, and drum arrangements, have a strong grasp on the word’s concept. The transition from the verse to the chorus is extremely seamless, which will drive the listeners to sing along heartily as the song progresses to the end. The song’s width is aided by the brief yet effective guitar interludes, which allow listeners to chill out and enjoy the mood. The last vocal howl over the guitar trills was particularly exciting and fun. I guess the song has attained great value for me. Indeed, the section was repeated in the last bars, leaving a lasting impression on the listener and increasing the song’s recall value.

To summarise, I believe this music may serve as a great pick-me-up when you’re feeling down or in need of that self-awareness trip. Alternatively, you might simply hit the road and blast it out. When the music reaches to the chorus for the third time, I’m quite confident you’ll howl along with it.

Here’s a brief chat we had with Jane N’ The Jungle on their approach, interesting studio sessions, and musical influences.

  • What was the process like for you to make ‘Ain’t No Other Way’? Was there a particular path you wanted to take it down?

Our main goal for “Ain’t No Other Way” was for it to be a fun, energetic, upbeat song that showcased the band in a new rock vibe. The process was a lot of fun and we had a great time working on it.

  • What were some of the most incredible moments from the studio sessions? Do you have any amusing stories to share?

In the studio we actually kept the song pretty true to its original version we had on the first day we wrote it. It came together really quick and felt good to not have to over think it.

  • Are the expectations for the song higher now after the success of ‘Trouble’? How would you like the fans to react to the new song?

I think once you hit a bar you should strive to keep hitting it or working to do better. “Trouble” and “Ain’t No Other Way” are both so different it’s been interesting to see the contrasting feedback.

  • Which musicians and bands have had the most impact on you?

Bush, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Garbage…. A lot of 90’s alternative bands have had influence on us.

  • Is there a particular artist with whom you’d like to collaborate at some point in your career?

P!NK would be a dream come true to collaborate with.

  • After ‘Ain’t No Other Way,’ what can fans expect? Is there any sound exploration going on?

We will be putting out another single eta January that will be our grunge rock song along with our EP. We look forward to getting into the studio soon and exploring new sounds. We appreciate everyone’s love and support for our music, it’s makes us excited to keep moving forward.

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