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Gigantic Hand - OPEN LETTER
Gigantic Hand - OPEN LETTER

Gigantic Hand – OPEN LETTER | Modern Progressive

Gigantic Hand is a Brooklyn-based project, run by Kris Kaczor (Guitar and Vocals) and Rory O’Connor (Drums and Synthesizer). They claimed that Gigantic Hand is urgent, insistent indie rock. I am inclined to agree with this description as their music creates a sense of urgency in the air. The dynamic duo is influenced by the likes of Modest Mouse and The National.

OPEN LETTER is, quintessentially, indie rock. The track sounds like it’s come straight out of the soundtrack of How I Met Your Mother – a show that almost exclusively used indie music. The synth creates a wave of distortion that carries the whole track along with a beautifully divine, clean guitar riff. The rhythm section comprises drums that are dynamic and keep the listener engaged throughout the track. Kris Kaczor’s vocals shine through the heavy instrumental track to deliver hard-hitting lines like And if you see them tumbling, / and if you feel them crumbing, / would you still see yourself in them? / Do you still see yourself in them?

I, personally, find this track to match my favourite genre of grungy, yet light music to lose yourself to. Give Gigantic Hand a listening to, if you want to lose yourself to the music. This duo definitely makes great music for those 3 AM conversations.

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