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Earth To Eve – Club Kids | Hangover

Known for her releases such as “Clockwork Eyes”, “SH*T” and “Insomnia”, singer-songwriter Earth to Eve (aka Eve) recently shared and moving and confrontational EDM track called “Club Kids”. As the name suggests, the song is primarily about the kids who club excessively and the repercussions of their actions. Eve suggests that we should embrace the daylight, that life isn’t filled with loneliness, and that every door that closes, leads to an open one with a fresh experience.

“Club Kids” has a dark and emotional feel, yet it’s uplifting and features powerful drums, keyboards and synths. It begins with a sad chord progression over which Eve sings in a mellow vocal tone. Her voice is layered over a suitable club beat reminiscent of Tove Lo’s style, sounds very honest, and seems to emanate from the depths of her mind. She sings about the experiences she had clubbing from the age of 14 and the events that followed her liquor-fueled actions – the feeling of loneliness and isolation one often suffers from after a night of heavy partying.

“We don’t party for the clout, gotta drink away our doubts, once we leave we go all out, breaking bottles, scream and shout” -This gives us a glimpse of what her nights were like, blurry and possibly with a sense of regret the following morning. Some of us probably can remember the bad hangovers we’ve had when nothing seemed to make us feel better. Eve, on “Club Kids”, has expressed her story in a way that’s easy to relate to, and the sense of hope that flows throughout the song makes it more enjoyable to listen to. With aggressive electronics fused with melodic keys and fitting harmonies, this track has a sound that would be well received in clubs and could help get rid of a bit of frustration as well!

“Club Kids” is the tenth release by Earth To Eve since 2019. What’s interesting about Eve’s music is that she doesn’t stick to just one genre. Whether it’s EDM, pop, or even retro jazz, she always has a refreshing and appealing voice in all her songs. On this track where she sings about her personal experiences, she’s managed to elaborate the “cost of going out”,  as she mentions in her lyrics. Nowadays, where many people abuse alcohol, I think that sharing these episodes with a receptive audience is very important. Eve has done a fascinating job on this track, and I’m sure she has a lot more amazing music to be released in the future!

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