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Devin Reardon - Take Me To The Coast
Devin Reardon - Take Me To The Coast

Devin Reardon – Take Me To The Coast | Getaway Glee

‘Take Me To The Coast,’ by Devin Reardon, makes you want to drive away with delight to your fave vacation spot. The track’s enthusiasm is contagious. The rhythm is cheerful, and the cheerful character of the drums builds steadily as the music goes. Devin Reardon, an Irish-American, crafts a really personal and genuine sound. The performance and songwriting are both incredibly authentic. There’s a delectable combination of harmonies, dreamy funky guitars, and a plethora of noises from natural sources.

When you start playing the music, it progressively energises you and may become a part of your wake-up playlist. The vibe is very upbeat. As it progresses to the second verses, there are some magical moments. It serves to boost and elevate the tempo, and when the chorus arrives, it lifts you up. A very enjoyable listening experience.

However, the vocal melody might need a little more development, but the innovative usage of organ is quite successful, breaking the monotony and preparing you to sing along in the chorus. I had a great time listening to the song. As you actively participate with the tune, it brightens you up and puts a grin to your face. The songwriting might have been explored more, but it could also be a creative decision given the structure and intent to preserve the ambience, both of which are important and necessary to fulfil the purpose of the song.

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