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Wyfe - Babylon (feat. Lenny)
Wyfe - Babylon (feat. Lenny)

Wyfe – Babylon | Amorous Pop Rock

Czech Republic-based group, Wyfe, has set out to write songs about learning to love in the scenery of post-soviet eastern Europe. Hailing from Prague, the group creates brilliant music, with an excellent post-pop soundscape, that captures the attention of its listeners.

Babylon is a track that features fellow artist Lenny who fills in his role perfectly well. The track has a brilliant instrumental. The drums keep the rhythm of the track, while the bass adds depth to the section. The synths are incredibly placed with some divine melody lines that make Babylon the heavenly track that it is. Of course, the guitar work stands on its own with great melodies and riffs. However, what stands out for me are the vocals, mostly because of how poetic the lyrics are – oh baby, you’re my Babylon / something I believed in. The theme of love stands out in lines like don’t say we gave up too easy, a line that is almost a refrain as it is repeated multiple times throughout the track.

I’m reminded of artists like Bryan Adams and Bruce Springsteen when I listen to Wyfe. There’s something about the music that makes it stand out as a pop-rock ballad. I’d highly recommend Wyfe, and specifically Babylon, to any fans of The Boss and Bryan Adams. Take the black with the white as Wyfe brings you the best of both.

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