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Walter Mmari-Emotional Skies
Walter Mmari-Emotional Skies
Walter Mmari-Emotional Skies

Walter Mmari-Emotional Skies | Flow

From the throes of the likes of Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone, John Barry and countless others who might have inspired him-comes Walter Mmari. There’s no agenda to craft surreal lyrics that fall either ways of the fence, no two sides of the coin. Just that feeling that takes over when you listen to a series of carefully composed notes. Emotional Skies is one such track, Mmari’s latest single.

A South African artist, Mmari transcends all boundaries of genre, lyricism and other compound elements we crave in music we hear. He brings on the strongest connection humans an have with music, emotion itself. His track is a testament to this, along with his style and delivery. Emotional Skies sounds like an excerpt from one of my favourite film compositons, The Last Samurai. The original score is by Zimmer, and mirroring an idol Walter Mmari creates fragments of memory with scarce soundscapes.

As a track, it has the illusory depth of water to it. Simple and short, it is made to just experience in the moment and move on. However, you control the trigger of this memory till whenever and that is what a smart, shrewd composer of music does. It relies on the listener more than the art itself, all left to the curated chaos of perception. Mmari is trying to break time with the ominous and succeeds, for a moment.

Listen to Emotional Skies and pause for a moment here:

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