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Patrick Tabaks - Lost My Mind
Patrick Tabaks - Lost My Mind

Patrick Tabaks – Lost My Mind | Troubling Quest

Patrick Tabaks’ newest album, ‘Lost My Mind,’ has a rare combination of charm and delicacy that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. Patrick has a novel and exciting manner of expressing his sounds, in my opinion. The taste is a component of today’s popular music. He delves into a variety of genres, including colours from R&B compositions and draws parallels to Pop music. Following classic song structures, but diving deeper and adding depth with vocal improvisations, harmonies, or instrument counterpoints.

Patrick Tabaks, 17, from Latvia, has spent much of his childhood engaged in music. Patrick began playing the piano at the age of six, courtesy of his sister, before a more rigorous, classical music education helped him polish his voice talents. He began performing at the Latvian National Opera at the age of 11 under the supervision of his instructor Valda Tracuma, being renowned as “the boy with the golden voice.” Duets with great opera singers and appearances in several opera productions, including Carmen and Tannhauser, resulted from this notoriety. He quickly added guitar and violin to his repertoire.

The album’s opening and title track goes above and beyond expectations. The songwriting is good, as is his notion of adding different portions as the song progresses keeps us engaged. It draws and keeps you in the mood of the song. The song begins quietly with a guitar plucking pattern, and Patricks gradually takes it further with incredibly intimate vocal delivery, leading us to the gloomy verse by Elizabeth Luka, which is just lovely, and with the inclusion of the harmonies at the later point, the song reaches completion. 

Are You Even Real‘ is the album’s dance tune, but with the movement, it’s more than that. Despite the fact that the soundscape does not vary much, Patrick maintains a simplified approach and only adds an extra layer when necessary. The tune, on the other hand, never misses a beat and remains bright and alive till the conclusion. Janet Tabaka appears in the song as well. She adds dynamics to the music, which breaks up the monotony. The third tune, ‘From Time to Time,’ focuses on the writing, which is effectively supported and complimented by the Guitar line and never overpowers the lyrics, which are crucial in this song. Despite the intensity of the lyrics, the melody keeps the music upbeat and lively. The chorus is widely established.

Gonna Be Gone‘ sounds genuine and heartfelt. It has a quality that will immediately connect with the listeners. Patrick’s voice seem natural and not over-processed. The chorus is well accentuated, with the harmonies providing warmth and pleasantness. Patrick’s texture is ideal for the song; it has an innocent quality that may move listeners. ‘Won’t be Enough‘ will brighten your day after a long day of sorrow. The rhythm part gets a little heavier and fuller. There’s a surprise in the song, but I won’t reveal what it is. Overall, it quickens the tempo of the record while keeping the subject intact. With ‘Suffer For You,’ the feeling has been restored. I especially enjoyed the story, and the arrangement is flawless. The vocal harmonies are well-considered. Throughout, there is a nice feeling.

All My Praise‘ is definitely my favourite song on the album. The Piano arrangements were fantastic. Quite a departure from the album’s sonic design. The song is a really well-produced melody. The lyrics and vocals are prioritised but the rhythm, which keeps you interested. The elements have spaces between them, which made for a pleasant listening experience. The voice production on ‘Stay for a Minute‘ is extremely good. The modulations are enticing and well-executed. The track’s whimsical character adds a lot of eccentricity and fun to it.

The last track, ‘Like Home,’ is a must-hear. It sounds both easy and mature. The subtlety of the saxophone is painfully lovely. It makes you yearn for more. This is a really well-written song. Patrick has certainly succeeded in raising some eyebrows in the business. He appears to be a promising artist, and I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours.

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