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North Ship – Green Light | Underwater

North Ship is a rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark and their latest release is a spacey, sublime track, titled, “Green Light”. The members of the band, Tom and Francis have known each other for over 20 years and have performed many times together.

“Green Light” begins with a deep bass guitar and an interesting acoustic drum beat. Layered with delayed electric guitar licks and mellow filler elements, there’s a reverb-filled soundstage that sounds almost like the instruments are being played underwater. Compositionally, the song features a bass lead, a guitar lead, and separate sections that sound unique when heard separately. I really liked the processing of the vocals on “Green Light”; the space where they are present along with the lo-fi delay is fitting and a joy to hear. It has a psychedelic-rock sound, and even the lyrics are quite trippy. – “you’ve got a green light, clear your mind, the star is the same, it’s toothless and tame, and the excuses, just as lame.”

The vocalist has a tone similar to many British rock singers from the 90s. Fusing rock with psychedelia, North Ship has created a unique sound that comprises of slightly distorted vocals, modulated harmonies, and fitting guitar leads. Though I feel the track could benefit from a cleaner mix, so the elements could stand out in their own individual space better, North Ship makes up for it with their engaging composition and songwriting! The outro to “Green Light” consists of some whisper vocals that chant the hook and a ringing guitar note; a great way to end a rock track like this!

Having released two singles titled, “No Man’s Land” and “Good and Gone” this year, prior to “Green Light”, North Ship primarily makes alternative rock songs that would sound amazing at any festival. They all have the potential to get a crowd on their feet and possibly headbanging. I’m eager to hear what more North Ship has in store for their listeners!

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