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Jesse Grossi-Sorry
Jesse Grossi-Sorry
Jesse Grossi-Sorry

Jesse Grossi-Sorry | Swing & Rock

Remember the golden swing era of Tom Petty with his Mojo album years? I loved that phase, though people think he overshot the style. Tom Petty doesn’t overshoot, he defines. Talk about redefine and you have Jesse Grossi, a renaissance man in his own way. Sorry is his latest single, a warm tune with an unapologetic love for rock.

Just like one hit wonder Magic’s song Rude, Jesse embraces the Jamaican swing. The well spread out song has a focus on the verses, so the rhythm is as safe and tight as a Tupperware container. However, Jesse isn’t a one hit wonder, he’s just a wonder. He’s belted out popular tracks like Que Sera Sera and Bad Guy, all gaining quick popularity on listening platforms. But popularity never defined rock. Rockstars did, and we have one before us, climbing to the top.

Pragmatic and profound aren’t words I’ll throw around for any artist, but I will this time. The catchy tune is reminiscent of many songs that have had this swinging vibe, but that’s what I would call a façade. The hard rock entry is reserved for this sweet face to break and bring out the mayhem. The chorus is something you’ll blast out of your speakers, and as it builds up to this-you won’t regret it. The only time you’ll be sorry is replacing the windowpanes.

Listen to Jesse Grossi with his new single Sorry here:

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