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fable - Wild Unknown
fable - Wild Unknown

fable – Wild Unknown | lofi groove

fable is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and music producer. She just released her debut single, Wild Unknown. With her hauntingly soft yet dynamic vocals, she weaves tales of love, pain, and relentless optimism. This electro-pop number explores the anxieties and the thrill of a new relationship plotted against very woodland soundscapes. fable crafts a very groovy-indie pop experience with this single. I could totally picture Wild Unknown in a lofi playlist.

“This song is the first of many. For the past few years I’ve been writing and writing, and I’m finally ready to rip the band aid off and share my music with the world. Wild Unknown has been my baby, and it perfectly mirrors the journey I’ve been on. These past two years have been the most difficult of my life. But I’ve found my voice, and the confidence I needed to leave the people who weren’t good for me,” is what fable had to say about her debut. The song is definitely well produced and executed. fable’s dynamic vocals have a very seductive and calming feel to them. The single is also a reflection of the feeling she mentioned – the thrill and the terrors of doing something new.

What I really like about this single is the soft but echoey vibe that the vocals have. The vocals, the woodland ambience and the lofi accompaniment really creates a soothing atmosphere and is very immersive. Wild Unknown could totally be on a playlist with Glass Animals and Still Woozy.

We had the opportunity to talk to fable about her music and here is what she had to say about it:

This is your first single. It was such a delight to listen to. Can you tell me what the thought process behind the song was? 

Absolutely, thank you! Well, Wild Unknown was inspired by my first real relationship. I wanted to capture the strange mix of apprehension and excitement I experience when I decide to trust someone with my heart. It can be terrifying, giving them the power to hurt you. I love with everything I have, and I felt like I was metaphorically following this person into the woods. It being my first relationship, I had no idea what to expect. Unfortunately, that relationship gradually became mentally abusive, and the song took on new meaning for me. I always assume that people have the purest of intentions. Sometimes that gets me in trouble. I’ve had to learn how to recognize red flags and know my own worth even when others don’t. 

Wild Unknown has a very electro-pop/lofi vibe. Is this genre of music something you lean towards? What was your inspiration for this single? 

It is! I love all genres of pop, really. My co-producer Chase Granat has his roots in drum and bass, so with this project, electro-pop was the natural outcome. It evolved as we worked on it, and it was a learning experience for both of us. I was very inspired by Glass Animals’ first album, ZABA. I’m obsessed with the immersive soundscapes they create. With Wild Unknown, the goal was to make the audience feel as if they’re in an ethereal electric forest.

You’ve had a difficult two years. How has music helped you get through it?

Oh boy, definitely. Moving several times, brain surgery, and a pandemic? It’s been rough. I’m sure these past two years have been difficult for everyone. Music has played a huge role in my healing. It’s cathartic; channeling frustration and pain into songwriting. When I’m overwhelmed, it’s tempting to withdraw from the world. But the times that I’ve chosen to sit down and work through those negative emotions with art have been integral to staying sane in these times. When everything feels out of control, it’s a way for me to take some of that control back and do something productive and good for myself. My family and friends have been a wonderful support system as well. I’m blessed to have them. 

Can you tell me who are your biggest musical influences?  

There are so many! Glass Animals of course, Kina Grannis, Sia, Jon Bellion, MARINA, Vanessa Carlton, Paramore… I began listening to Aurora recently. Her music is gorgeous. Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga are the artists who inspired me to begin songwriting in the first place. I remember practicing singing ‘Breakaway’ for hours and hours, and teaching myself how to play tracks from ‘The Fame Monster’ on piano.

Do you have more music planned for us? What do you see for yourself in the future?

I do! This single is just the first of many. There are a few other projects I’ve been working on. There are many styles and genres I enjoy working with, and I’m excited to soon release a wide variety of songs. A couple goals I have are to release an entirely self-produced album, and eventually go on tour. There are also many artists I admire that I’d love to collaborate with eventually. After hitting so many roadblocks along the way, I’m thrilled to finally be sharing what I’ve been working on with the world. 

Wild Unknown by fable should definitely be the new addition to your pop playlist.

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