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Love Ghost-SaberToothed
Love Ghost-SaberToothed
Love Ghost-SaberToothed

Love Ghost-SaberToothed | Exceed

The best things come in parts. That’s why your favorite artists release singles before albums. Why teasers and trailers for the movie are made. Love Ghost is hitching the hit train again with their album, SaberToothed. It has the panache and magic of a band in a daze, but knowing specifically how to use the high.

A potpourri of flavors

Take for example, the opening song for their album. Tribe is in no way another song that can be played on the radio and forgotten because you have a miserable job. It has a resounding bass, a terrific bassline and the signature NIN lyric whispering that makes you want to listen closer, better. Just as you think, hey, I think I got the gist of it-they prove you wrong. I won’t tell you when because you need to enjoy that part of the trip. Explosive and energetic, we’re on the other side of the coin in a flash. I especially dug the solo, intricate and neat for a kicker song to start with.

From reality to a dream, flick of a switch. Step in the Arena is Love Ghost’s second track on the album, and it layers several inspirations to top the cake with their own style of delivery. With Bring Me the Horizons phase of rap-rock and added play with electronica, Love Ghost attempt a flashy recovery with the challenger track. As it builds, you wait for the two decades of music you know they got inspired by to flow through. And it does, very well.

Dancing with genres

An Ed Sheeran and Billie Eillish collab maybe? A possible definition of the kind of sound the band produces with their next track Hated. It has the melody and symphony all set, just the melancholy and teenage angst of a young musical superstar. As the song beats build, so do the instruments slowly march in-each playing its own part. Different and refreshing.

A dreamy, Britpop themed track called War, I Swear is the final song for the album. It also concludes the styles one group can explore in an album-and this is just a teaser for all that they are capable of. The electronic might be industrial metal, but the rock and hip-hop is never left out for too long. The simple riff is catchy as well, so it promises to never leave your head.

Listen to Love Ghost ride their peak with the new album SaberToothed. It is a culmination of effort, styles, and a band with an agenda to explore and communicate through music-and they do it successfully.

Listen to Love Ghost’s refreshing album packed with surprises here:

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