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Cabin - Dull
Cabin - Dull

Cabin -Dull | Flavored Trippy

Cabin’s new single Dull is never boring. The distinct application of punk rock sound and psychedelic components is mixed effortlessly, and it never sounds forced. The record’s profundity stems from the innovative usage of the fusion of components such as vocal layers interacting seamlessly with the crunchy tone of the guitar. The guitar’s bright but powerful tone sounds thick and fits well with the tone of the drums and snare. These almost completely cover the main body of the arrangement, making it quite effective in building the soundscape.

Cabin (aka Adam McCabe) has a distinct aesthetic voice that strives to transcend individual limits in larger works. Drawing inspiration from great songwriters, his psychedelic style sparkles with the tangible anxiety of Post-Punk and the vibrant sensitivity of Soul music. His goal with his music and lyrics is to imbue parts of modern-day disenchantment and existential dread with a rebellious feeling of extreme optimism and to attempt to see the colour through the grey.

Throughout the song, the principal guitar gets reimagined. His ability to improvise and deliver it in many ways is admirable. The songwriting is solid, but I think the melody might have been explored more, but still the effective use of the ending chorus covers up for everything. That is the peak of the arrangement for me. Overall, the music takes you on a journey. Each segment will make you feel something different. To enjoy this song, you must expand your palate. The guitar fills are accurate and efficient.

The concoction feels well controlled, and the grey section is certainly present.

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