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Vic Brando – Purple | Rumination

Indie-pop musician and producer, Vic Brando, based in Germany, released a three-track bedroom pop EP, titled, “Purple”. By combining elements from multiple genres, ‘Purple’ has a sound that’s fresh, intriguing and dynamic. Vic’s sultry, conversational tone fused with hallucinatory instrumentals make this EP an interesting listen that has the ability to reach a wide audience who can appreciate relaxed yet exciting music.

EP Tracklist

Only One

Vic Brando’s debut EP begins with the alternative/indie track, ‘Only One’ that has a hint of psychedelia. A few synths, electric guitar, and a funky bassline carries the track in a space that’s slightly dark and full of nostalgia. This song is sung in first person by Vic to his significant other regarding their relationship. The lyrics are repetitive and the chorus has a catchy melody that might stay in your head a while! – “You’re killing me, baby you feed off what you’ve done, making me feel like I’m the only one…”The track also features an emotional guitar lead, very fitting to the mood of the track.


In the opening moments, vocal chops make for an interesting combination with an electric keyboard. Featuring groovy hip-hop beat with deep kicks and tight snares, Whitewater has a few instruments that sound great together, as well as an airy woodwind-like synth to create a loop that’s slightly tropical. With a conversational tone, Vic sings in a relaxed atmosphere here. The track also includes a mellow yet tight rap verse about how he confides in his beloved – “Lead the way, show me and I will follow you, wash away what makes me feel hollow”.


Compared to the previous two tracks, Doors has a different energy, in that it’s more instrumental, in the air and has a luxuriant sound. The final track of the EP, Doors, begins with rich synth strings and minimal lo-fi percussion. Vic’s vocals sit well with the wide atmospheric textures present. I really liked how the bass guitar was introduced, making for a hypnotic, dreamy mood along with the lush atmospheric elements. Vic’s voice with the synth arps over a heavier drum rhythm in the chorus make for a powerful combination. Doors has contemplative lyrics that seem to be related to ‘Only One’ – “Hold me down, hold me away from the light, don’t look down, show me the way to the sky, because I don’t know who I am”. Dynamically strong, well composed and with a sound that’s ‘full’, I think Doors is the best track of the lot.


This is Vic’s first set of songs to be released to the public, and as he has mentioned, he is still finding his sound, and himself. His three tracks tell his introspective journey in a unique way, evoking a multitude of emotions over the course of their ten-minute runtime. The pace of his songs in ‘Purple’ seem to flow into one another seamlessly and each track complements the last. Vic Brando creates a space with relatable segments that can be familiar to many listeners, and I’m excited to hear what more the artist will release in the future.

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