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The Machine Knows - Burn The Witch
The Machine Knows - Burn The Witch

The Machine Knows – Burn The Witch | Rebellious

As The Machine Knows says, The essence of rock music is being rebellious and willing to take risks. That is precisely what their music is all about. Hailing from Denmark, The Machine Knows, uses hardcore riffs, driving drums, and rebellious vocals in order to deliver their music. The grungy texture of their music is quite appealing to lovers of the 90s Alternative Grunge scene.

Burn The Witch is their latest single to hit streaming platforms. It has classically infused instrumentals and vocalisations along with the husky vocals of lead singer and guitarist Kristoffer Veirum. Inspired by bands like Nirvana and Queens Of The Stone Age, one can really see where these influences kick in while listening to Burn The Witch. The track’s dark atmosphere and foggy timbre really scintillate your ears. The rhythm section keeps the track driving forward consisting of bassist, Antonio Roxy and drummer, Tobias Weltzer. The drums are hypnotic and keep you engaged at all points during the track. The bass ties it all together with some really interesting bass lines and sequences.

I thoroughly enjoy The Machine Knows and really think that they’ve got a bright future ahead. Lovers of the grunge era, this is a band you’d definitely want to check out – especially if you love Nirvana, Alice In Chains and Queens of The Stone Age.

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