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The Lunar Keys-Stop This
The Lunar Keys-Stop This
The Lunar Keys-Stop This

The Lunar Keys-Stop This | Fuel

We all miss U2. Bono is too busy reminding everyone they are legends, but we want more of their music. Don’t bother them. The Lunar Keys channel the same energy, altered vibes and greater drive and competition. Their new single Stop This is proof for all that I claim this band has.

No complications, no difficult licks, no inaudible whispering. All as clear as day, a riveting, beautiful riff that is all smiles within strings. Stop This is positivity in the making, and The Lunar Keys are making sure the message is clear. The mesmerizing synths almost seem to bend time, and the small stops in the chorus make it even more exciting.

Fueled by The Edge’s guitar playing skills, the guitar shines in this track as well. The harmonics add a lot of depth to the chorus and track as well, making it a wholesome loop to keep trying out. If you want more of this young group, all you need to do it follow their altering styles, as the river flows. Silent Ricochet was another single they released this year, quite a contrast to this.

That’s what makes them exciting and unpredictable. The four are a talented group of musicians who aim to quench your undying thirst for good music with their catchy, energetic delivery and on-your-toes demand of music that gives you that rush, full in volume.

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