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Sun Affair - Lend Myself
Sun Affair - Lend Myself

Sun Affair – Lend Myself | Upbeat

Sun Affair is the feel-good project from Sydney-based songwriter Wesley Stormer. His second single of 2021, Lend Myself should definitely be the upbeat, pop-dance addition to your playlist. With fun guitar riffs, this song is a groovy song to bring a pep to your step. It definitely got me dancing immediately. The song also features Lars Parto.
The song displays the signature Sun Affair guitar riffs and Stormer’s beautiful and subtle vocals. Lend myself is such an ode to a bright, sunny day. The music definitely reminds me of the warmth and nostalgia of the 70s and 80s music that I’ve grown up listening to. What I really like about Sun Affair is that he crafts harmonies that aren’t just fun, but also very delicate and succinct. There is definitely a montage-worthy guitar solo in the song, that picks back up into the vocals with the groovy, pulsating rhythm.

Lend Myself is just overflowing with warmth and sunshine.  Sun Affair displays these warm textures and the cadence of early blues and rock. Stormer has created a soundscape that is perfect for a road trip, a beach day and an impromptu dance party. Lend Myself also reminds me of 90s coming of age movies where the protagonist breaks out into song. Well, I definitely did!
Lend Myself is the perfect, indie-dance-pop song to channel your happy-main character vibes!

Go lend yourself some pastel colored, sunshine-y goodness!

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