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Elison - Meet Me Halfway
Elison - Meet Me Halfway

Elison – Meet Me Halfway | Rocking to making it work!

Meet me Halfway by Elison is a contemporary rock single with mellow vocals and instruments, but a strong beat at the core. The outfit’s debut single is so polished you would think it is coming from honed artists. And what do you know, the artists behind it are actually quite experienced!

Iowan Marissa Kephart was living an ordinary life until the lockdown for COVID. But her father was once a jazz musician, and Jazz does not leave your bones that easy. She picked up a guitar and started taking vocal lessons, and then she took β€˜Meet Me Halfway’ to Scott Yoshimura of The Envy Corps, and Canby. The music teacher, multi-instrumentalist, and producer found their synergies aligning, and they started working together on this project they named Elison.

Meet Me Halfway offers many layers of production, there is the electric guitar, the electro beats at the bridge which slow the song down, the reverberating drum beat which gives the song its catchy tempo. And yet, at its core it is simple, and thereby so profound. As the lyrics detail, the singer misses her lover and wants to drive down to see them. And she wonders and asks, would they meet her halfway?

Meeting halfway, especially at the bright and high chorus, becomes representative of what it takes to be together. A relationship requires consistent effort from the people involved. It is only when both strive to keep things going on their ends that the magic and sparks stay alive. A relationship where your efforts aren’t met in the middle is taxing and tolling, and is not built to last.

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