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December Fades- Sunrise | Moving

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist December Fades (aka Kevin Rogers) released a heartwarming pop track called, ‘Sunrise’. His approach to making music is fresh and combines dynamic sounds, infectious melodies, and rock/hip-hop style drumming, all in a space that’s ethereal and full of emotion.

If someone is feeling sad after being through a tragic event and needs something to cheer them up, have them listen to “Sunrise”. The emotion of Rogers’ inspiring lyrics has the ability to soothe some wounds and inspire optimism. The writer’s heartfelt words are grounded in the desire he has to spend one last morning with his beloved – “every day and night / I long for your love and light / warm up my lonely night / just one more time”

The song is introduced with lo-fi drums, vinyl crackling textures and a neo-classical piano melody. With a few filler elements to fill up the spaces, all the instruments seem to be connected with an ideal amount of reverb and delay. Additionally, the song includes an acoustic verse with just a guitar and a soft piano, making it even more moving.

I think ‘Sunrise’ is a song that would sound equally impressive if it were sung over only a piano melody. December Fades’ modern electronic touch to the sounds makes it unique and appealing to listeners. Well known for his dramatic releases like “Say Their Names” and “Crash and Burn”, he’s been making a name for himself in the LA music scene over the past few years.

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