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Super Saiyan Jay-Are We Clear
Super Saiyan Jay-Are We Clear
Super Saiyan Jay-Are We Clear

Super Saiyan Jay(ft. King Dev)-Are We Clear | Timeless

Employing a simple hook but some intense lyrics, Super Saiyan Jay is here with his new single Are We Clear. The catchy stage name is one to remember. His ID is out with this new hip-hop track and he has some things to clear out. Are we clear?

Pretty simple based on the loop that has been used, from the looks of it. Super Saiyan Jay shines in not letting his excitement or energy contain in the track, no show off necessary. With a verbal vantage point, he, and King Dev climb to the pedestal on the short track and shout it out.

Pertaining to no school of hip-hop but instead melding all of them together, Jay is tipping his hat off to all his inspirations. You’re searching for too much in the song, and you’re not getting it. It says, I know my place and this is who I am. These people help me become this. Now hear this blistering, confabulating couple of bars.

The solid beat is standard, but like I said, read between the lines and absorb the poetry. From his popular 2019 single Demons and Monsters, Super Saiyan Jay is going back to the 50 Cent years of rap, early in this new millennia. Dev and him have collaborated on his previous EP Greatest Combination as well, and the chemistry is worth a shot-or two.

The song is a good time is all, and is worth couple of listens. Jay doesn’t complicate what you’re hearing and that might have its upsides and downs. Listen to the fresh-faced rap here:

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