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Saves the Witch - Dear Edea
Saves the Witch - Dear Edea

Saves the Witch – Dear Edea | Tenderness

As soon as you start listening to ‘Dear Edea’, you get a feeling of fulfilment, and it pulls you back to all those happy, shining times. The atmosphere of Saves the Witch’s new single is one of warmth and compassion. Despite having overdrive, the tone never sounds harsh and thoroughly embraces the zone. The melodic Guitar riff is intense and memorable, and it’s done in the right tone.

Saves the Witch is a one-man post-rock/progressive/shoegaze instrumental project that ranges from heavy to meditative, with plenty of blues overtones. The band is known for its unique sound, which is based on effects pedals and propelled by guitars. Pushing the limits of the instrument with saturated distortion and soaring lead tones, frantic edge of break up melodies, and exquisite synth-like reverb.

The instruments are in perfect unison, enhancing the track’s dynamic range while also describing the desired tale and perfectly blending into the atmosphere. By alone, the chord progression has a melancholy tone to it. However, I believe the snare mix might have been more integrated, but what puts me in a daze and is undoubtedly the most highlighted element of the song is the innovative usage of a breezy synth-like tone that serves as a one-of-a-kind outro for the song, encapsulating the entire mood of the song.

To summarise, I believe listeners will like the vibe, and is also highly engaging and crisp. The arrangements are well-considered and executed in a mature manner. This instrumental narrative will appeal to a wide range of listeners.

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