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Rouge – Heartbreak Is A Bore | Fading Relations

Rouge, a Sydney, Australia-based Indie-pop duo consisting of Stella Gray and Lucie Natalizio, recently released their debut single, ‘Heartbreak Is A Bore’. In their beautifully written single, they cover the narrative of a teenager’s experience with fading relationships and, as you probably guessed, heartbreak.

A neo-soul guitar chord progression introduces the feel-good track, “Heartbreak Is A Bore” along with tight drums. Though the lyrics are sung quite playfully, there is a feeling of unpleasantness that pervades them – “Cause you don’t excite me anymore / When you talk, all I hear is non-stop bullsh*t”. It would be helpful and possibly healing to someone experiencing similar emotions as the lyrics are very relatable. 

Similar to artists like The Kooks , MAY-A and Spacy Jane, Rouge has infused indie-pop reminiscent instruments and progressions to create their distinct sound. Lush harmonies, exhilarating guitar riffs and leads, and just the raw charming energy of the track make it very engaging for listeners. Along with a fantastic production, ‘Heartbreak Is A Bore’ also benefits from a really dynamic and clear mix that will sound amazing on most systems.

Rouge have just started their journey and their debut EP already shows us just how talented these girls are. With honest lyrics and flawless singing all in an exceptional compositional arrangement, ‘Heartbreak Is A Bore’ is an all-round track that has the potential to appeal to a wide audience. Rouge has gained another fan today, and he is eagerly waiting to hear what they have in store for their fans!

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