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Lowly Light – Candy Lied | Funky

The recently released third single by Europop artist, Lowly Light (aka Matt Gorny), is a 90s-disco reminiscent track called, “Candy Lied”. Fun and light-hearted, the almost three-minute-long track features infectious melodies, slow house beats, and mellow vocals. From a background in indie-rock, Lowly Light wrote and recorded songs for numerous dance artists before embracing his own version of electronic dance-pop.

A funky bassline and some disco beats form a groovy rhythm with a hint of swing. The track is positively carefree, yet deeply motivating at the same time. With electric guitars, retro synths, and keyboards, “Candy Lied” has a somewhat dry sound that suits its conversational flow. 

The lyrics are hopeful, optimistic and remind you that life is hard and you’ve got to just keep trying and push yourself while remembering to enjoy the small joys of life as well – “Can’t deny mistakes are a path, leading to a point on a map / This is all I got to give, my best, is it good enough, I guess..”. Matt’s intricate production features a variety of colorful sounds and instruments, all arranged in a way that is both easy to listen to and danceable.

Lowly Light’s earlier releases this year, “Do You Feel Me” and “Lose You” feature a more upbeat house vibe that makes the tracks a bit more club-friendly, while “Candy Lied” features disco sounds with more of a raw edge. With the three songs he’s put out this year, Matt has already shown his listeners how versatile his music can be and that there are no barriers when it comes to creating something special!

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