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Tyler Kamen-Resolution Rose
Tyler Kamen-Resolution Rose
Tyler Kamen-Resolution Rose

Tyler Kamen-Resolution Rose | Surpass

In circa 1999, the world knew of a new musician that had changed the very face of pop music, with his own take on the blues. John Mayer was just an artist lovestruck with the genre but a product of his time, and the rest is history. Legend has it that revival artists like this come once in a decade. Meet Tyler Kamen, the musician that wields the mighty Excalibur to do it. His new album is called Resolution Rose, and is a fantastic arrangement to dive into.

Let’s do precisely that. However, you must understand this talented young mans overall vibe first. He is a polymath in his own right, and has music that translates his personality. From the blues to folk, you can hear many inspirations and hybrid symphonies together.

With the title track, Tyler Kamen uses a seamless symphony to remind us that a complicated introduction or bells and whistles aren’t necessary for good music. That comes from the soul, and we just got a peek into it with a beautiful, simple rendition of the words of a poet.

With a Frusciante like riff, Tyler continues climbing this hill with Holy Mountain. The folk acoustic seems to glide over the eardrums, ever so smooth like satin. Kamen’s voice tends to complement his instrument, so the simple yet stylistic solos are appreciated because of the rhythm that gets stuck in your head.

Can’t have a summer tune without a Johnny Cash vibe, and that is what Summer Dreams sound like. It is basking in the sun, forgetting your worries, and encouraging daydreaming because of the simple composition style. Enough breathing time to appreciate the guitar before the vocals enter. The vocal bends have an inspired middle eastern sound that is very refreshing, composition wise.

Almost nailed that dreamy Fender Strat sound that guitarist chase all their lives. Ivy Vine is Tyler Kamen’s Slow Dancing…, tonality wise. It’s a short sweet track, compressing those 3 minutes in barely any seconds. The harmonics sound perfect here, due to the space left by the wispy waveforms of his vocals and guitar.

With Green Pagoda, Tyler takes us into the meditative realm of his music. With hints of sitar supporting his strings, he chimes a track that can be classified as a dreamy interlude. The lyrics are barely important in this, however the feeling the song gives is strong enough to echo through several bits of time.

The old west reimagined? Yes please. Tumbleweeds brings the age of salons and spaghetti westerns, with Tyler’s smooth guitar style signed all over this track. I can almost imagine walking into a smelly saloon where people judge me for being a stranger yet I get my drink. Keeping the body warm doing God’s work, Kamen.

Collaborating with his partner for this serenading track, Rain tries to change the weather after that hot Western setting. The storm might be at the edge of the horizon, but it’ll pass over. Marina Kamen shares part of the beauty of this track to make it a collaborative craft worth remembering.

World travel time again, with The Pyramid. You might hear the wisps of the breeze in Egypt, while Kamen’s soft voice reminds you that nothing lasts but time itself. His songs seem to defy time and really, very honestly surprise me. I know these chords are very simple, but he seems to make them almost unreachable with how he delivers them.

Stonehenge. That’s the first word that came to my mind when I heard Stone Circles, which allows an Irish sound flow into the guitar sheets of Kamen. He shows the fluidic mastery of the instrument and more importantly the region, as you could track it just by the notes.

Closing this ethereal album with Future Unseen, Tyler Kamen helps us travel the world, forget our worries, and craft an album with so much that is used commonly that it is shocking it should sound so different. I could not expect any more, or any less, from a man who has dipped a toe in every pond. The philosophy of the work is rooted in a simple metaphor of life, yet never needs to be stated.

Stare into the garden of Tyler’s mind with Resolution Rose here:

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