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Musha – Somebody | Warm

Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter and music producer recently released an electronic pop record called “Somebody”. She has been making music since 2020 and has been experimenting with diverse sounds and instruments to make something unique. “Somebody”, with all its warm electronic tones can be best described as a soft and euphonious track.

The track opens with a modulated bassline and chill beats creating an ethereal atmosphere in the soundstage. Smooth and featherlight, Musha’s vocals sound really soothing. Her voice can easily put you to sleep, and in the context of this song, they fit in the mix wonderfully. The track revolves around a lush, wide vocal chop loop that’s present throughout the track. Along with dreamy atmospheric textures and a simple, yet fitting guitar melody, Musha has managed to keep a very mellow tone over its 3:52 minute-long duration.

Musha produces and writes her own music, making “Somebody” a musical representation that’s true to her sound. She seems to be singing to her partner about how time changes things and how nobody remains the same; growth is inevitable – “sometimes it is too much, I think we might be out of touch \ every time you talk about it you tell me how different we are”. I like how with subtle transitions and satisfying drops, Musha has managed to tell her story in an attractive way.

Compared to her previous release, the “Fragment” EP, which was a bit more experimental and had its own distinct sound, I think “Somebody” is different because it is easy on the ears. Additionally, Musha’s voice here is unlike her other songs; it’s hypnotic and a bit sultry. Electronic Indie Pop is definitely an interesting genre to explore, and I’m already eager to listen to what more Musha has in store for her fans.

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