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John Skyfield - Remember (Cold & lonely)
John Skyfield - Remember (Cold & lonely)

John Skyfield, Mikayla, KEES POP – Remember (Cold & Lonely) | Genial Tune

‘Remember (Cold & Lonely)’, John Skyfield’s latest song, is peppy and melodically vibrant. The musical shift from a traditional singer-songwriter approach to a deep tropical house sound is intriguing and smooth. The tunes make you feel good and make you clap your feet to the beats.

Mikayla and KEES POP are also featured in the song. Mikayla’s vocal delivery is what binds you to the tune in the first place. When it comes to John Skyfield is a German producer and performer. He made his EDM debut with his viral bootleg of In the Air Tonight (160.000.000 views on YouTube). In his latest song, ‘Remember,’ he reflects his drive to build a hybrid soundtrack. His innovative ideas towards fusing organic acoustic sound with current electronic tones are remarkable and embraced by the listeners.

The introduction, which has an acoustic guitar pattern complemented by a synth tone, sets the tone for the song. Though I believe the vocal melody might have been explored further, adding a few more vibrant colours to the arrangement. Despite this, the songwriting makes up for the flaws. It musically contributes significantly to the melodic structure and aids in the engagement with the listeners. In general, this is a pretty enjoyable tune, the vibe remains continuous. The punch in the kick also tightens up the bottom end. The changes, in especially, seem so natural, and the guitar solo lifts the song just when it needs it and also adds a lot of movement to the track.

Here’s an interview with John Skyfield in which he discusses his creative process, musical inspirations, and his most recent song, ‘Swimming In Gold.’

  1. What’s the backstory behind your electrifying track ‘Swimming In Gold’?
  • All people are inherently great inside. They just have to let it out and let their true inner beauty shine. The song describes exactly this. Showing your confidence and true colors. Not conforming and not compromising who you are! The ultimate liberating statement.
  1. The sound and tone selection are excellent; could you tell us about the creative process that went into creating this soundscape?
  • Thank you! My close friend Lars came up with the initial idea and especially the percussive section. The drums and syncopated rhythms are the sonic engine of the song. It drives the message home: be unstoppable. The punchy plucks add the necessary momentum and fill the tune with energy!
  1. What are your sources of inspiration? What musicians and bands have had the most influence on you?
  • Anything that makes sound. Ive played in 6 grunge/punk-rock bands growing up and so Nirvana, Blink182 and Sum41 are part of my musical DNA. Thats why my songs are so guitar infused. I also love a lot of “wall of sound” records that are harmonically rich and have irresistible hooks, oh and Motown! Marvin Gaye, Temptations & Stevie Wonder. Current artistic influences include Dennis Lloyd, Younotus & VIZE!
  1. What do you hope to get out of this track?
  • To empower people really. To make them live up to their fullest potential and living every day with their heads held up high. No fear!
  1. Tell us a little bit about your future tunes? Do you have a message for your fans?
  • I will have released 24 songs within 1 year by the end of December which is insane! Ive never created more in my life and i am super stoked to have more songs on e.g. Future House Cloud & Sirup Music. Make sure to stay up to date on my Instagram and Spotify. Fans, I honestly seem them more as friends. The communication is two-way and eye to eye. I love them. I hope they love me as much haha

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